JCPD cop ‘hit the cu*t’ while driving ‘ni**er Floyd’ in 2010 car accident, alleged crash report at heart of lawsuits states

A “Crash Review Evaluation” report from 2010 – allegedly authored by then-Sgt. Terrence Crowley – states that Jersey City Police Officer Michael Maietti was “eating a sandwich while driving ni**er Floyd” and crashed into a “dumb b*tch,” whom “just stopped,” which caused him to “hit the cu*t!”

JCPD Crash Review Evaluation Report

JCPD Crash Review Evaluation Report

While it may have started as a racist and sexist joke in 2010, an alleged “Crash Review Evaluation” report is now at the heart of two major lawsuits which could end up delivering a devastating blow to Jersey City taxpayers.

The report, which was supposedly authored by then-Sgt. Terrence Crowley, and sent to then-Lt. Leonidas “Lou” Karras, centers around an apparent accident involving Jersey City Police Department (JCPD) Officer Michael Maietti crashing his car into a woman’s vehicle.

Below is the “conclusion and recommendation” of the alleged report (including uncensored obscenities):

CONCLUSION AND RECOMMENDATION: The primary cause of the accident was the inattention of P.O. Maietti eating a sandwich while driving nigger Floyd around the city. Officer Maietti stated “the fuckin’ dumb bitch just stopped and I hit the cunt !” P.O. Maietti should be credited for saving the females life, because his boy Floyd wanted “to put a cap in her ass!” The ultimate Buffoon arrived on the scene as the accident investigator and totally fucked that up, so I couldn’t tell you who the fuck is at fault.

This case is closed pending review and approval of the Commanding Officer.

According to sources, “Floyd” works as a messenger for the City of Jersey City, and the “Buffoon” is possibly a derogatory term used for a Polish-American police officer that supposedly handled the accident investigation.

Real Jersey City attempted to reach Floyd for comment, but he was unavailable.

According to a lawsuit filed by Maietti against the JCPD, city, and Crowley, it was Crowley, his superior, that used the racist and misogynistic slurs in the alleged report and then falsely attributed it to him.

Maietti’s suit goes on to claim the report adversely affected his employment and created a hostile work environment for him, including a November 2010 transfer from the Motorcycle Squad to the North District – although he returned in February 2011 but not as a clerk (his original position).

As stated in his lawsuit, in July of 2013 – the beginning of the Fulop Administration – Maietti replaced the retiring clerk of the Motorcycle Squad. His commanding officers would eventually be former Capt. Joseph Ascolese and Lt. Kelly Chesler.

Ascolese and Chesler have also filed suit against the City of Jersey City, Public Safety Director James Shea, Police Chief Philip Zacche, Deputy Chief Joseph Connors, Crowley, and police officer John Peters. The “Crash Review Evaluation” report is also mentioned in their complaint.

Another detail from their suit claims that Chesler accused Crowley of once stating to other officers that “she thinks because she has one of these (pointing to his genitals) that she’s going to keep me out of this office?” The incident supposedly stemmed from workplace tensions over command of the Motorcycle Squad, which Crowley apparently wasn’t happy about with a woman in charge.

Of note, Crowley was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant in October of 2014 by the Fulop Administration.

As previously noted, Ascolese, Chelser, and Maietti were identified in a Kane In Your Corner (KIYC)-News 12 report in August of 2014 regarding take home cars, as well as allegations that they were bilking the city for thousands of dollars in overtime.

At the time of the reports, Jersey City Spokesperson Jennifer Morrill did not respond to an email seeking comment on the lawsuits, and whether any of the Jersey City officers identified in the August 2014 KIYC report have been disciplined or charged with any wrongdoing.

Regarding the “Crash Review Evaluation” report, Morrill did not respond to a recent email about the alleged report, and whether any signature analysis had been done to confirm the author. A spokesperson for the Jersey City Police Superior Officers Association (JCPSOA) did not respond to an email seeking to verify the alleged report.

UPDATE: The following is a response provided by the Jersey City Clerk’s Office, from April 2015, via an Open Public Records Act request for “Crash Review Evaluation report from year 2010, JCPD file number 10-13771”:

Please be advised that your request for the Crash Review Evaluation Report (OP2015-0720) is being denied. The evaluation constitutes “ advisory, consultative, or deliberative material”. Such documents are pre-decisional and tend to show the deliberative process. In this case, the document appears to be created for the purpose of a superior to be able to determine what, if anything would need to be done in response to an incident based on the observations and opinions of another. The definition of a “government record” at N.J.S.A. 47:1A-1.1 specifically states that the definition “shall not include inter-agency or intra-agency advisory, consultative, or deliberative material.”

Additionally, given that this document appears to be a report generated in relation to conduct or actions of an employee to determine what action was warranted, it would also likely constitute a personal record. Pursuant to N.J.S.A. “47:1A-10, the personnel or pension records of any individual in the possession of a public agency, including but not limited to records relating to any grievance filed by or against an individual, shall not be considered a government record and shall not be made available for public access.”

Below is a full photo of the alleged report (as received by Real Jersey City):

Full Crash Review Evaluation Report (as received)

Full Crash Review Evaluation Report (as received)

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