Hudson Jail director crashed county car on Outerbridge Crossing

Becky Scott crashed the county car approximately a month after being appointed director of the Hudson County Corrections and Rehabilitation Center.

Hudson County Jail Director Becky Scott

Damaged vehicle operated by Hudson County Jail Director Becky Scott.

A Motor Vehicle Accident (MVA) report and photos provided to Real Garden State document the crash & damage done to a county vehicle by the new director of Hudson County’s jail.

Becky Scott – who was appointed director of the Hudson County Corrections and Rehabilitation Center (HCCRC) on December 8, 2022 – crashed the Chevrolet truck assigned to her on January 13, 2023, at approximately 8:45 PM, according to the MVA report obtained via the Open Public Records Act (OPRA).

The crash occurred on the Outerbridge Crossing while Scott was driving east towards Staten Island. The MVA report, which was generated by a Port Authority cop, stated that Scott claimed she was “driving straight when a truck stopped short causing her to move left and hit the concrete barrier.”

Becky Scott - Crash Diagram

Crash diagram from MVA report involving HCCRC Director Becky Scott.

Scott stated the collision with the concrete barrier caused her vehicle to spin and hit another vehicle in the rear. No injuries were reported, per the report. Photos provided to Real Garden State revealed extensive damage to the passenger side of the county vehicle.

Hudson County spokesperson James Kennelly did not respond to an email asking if the car operated by Scott was repaired or replaced, if the director was authorized to take the vehicle out-of-state, and if the county conducted its own independent investigation into the circumstances surrounding the crash.

Of note, prior to being hired by Hudson County at a salary of $165,811, Scott worked for the New York City Department of Corrections for thirty years and served as bureau chief, according to the Jersey Journal.

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